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Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Asked questions about Creative Kangaroos

Students can start at Creative Kangaroos as absolute beginners! We cater for all levels.

Classes are either 25 or 50 minutes.
25 minutes for young learners and 50 minutes for older students.

As many as you want! Recommend classes however is 2-3 times per week.

Classes are usually individual but there is an option for small group classes (up to 3).

Creative Kangaroos uses a wide variety if material but the main source of material is renowned material from Ellii.com

It is recommended either an iPad/laptop/computer are used for the classes. 
*Smartphones can also be used but it is not recommended. Headphones are also recommended to have nearby. 

All classes are performed on ClassIn, an interactive platform that is designed especially for kids!  For after class and self-learning all students will also have their own online account for Ellii.com where they can use the online interactive activities and materials.

No, only English is spoken in the classroom. There is no need for your child’s native language to be spoken. The teachers at Creative Kangaroos are skilled and after your free trial class your child will be assessed of their English level. All material and courseware will be taught from the point where students do not need courseware to be translated. However, in more intermediate classes vocabulary books are introduced and students are recommended to write their native language next to key vocabulary words.

Just remember we all learned our current native language without any other first.