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Creative Kangaroos is not your normal English online program. Learning English (or any language) is all about expanding opportunities and growing skills. Skills like communication, creativity and confidence. 

Become more open-minded and multicultural, sharing insights into different ways of life and community. Creative Kangaroos is all about community, community for our teachers, students their families and friends. 

This is an online safe space where current students, their family and friends and potential students have the chance to share, support, inspire and make connections. 

Currently Creative Kangaroos hosts weekly community clubs! Where students have the rare opportunity to learn with other students all around the globe.  

Reading Club​

Read together and learn fundamental skills for reading with our next fun book!

Writing Club

Write a story together with other students around the world!

Drama Club

Act out a play and come you can even come in character in our drama club!

Movie Club

Join us as we all kick back and enjoy favourite films all together!

All ages, nationalities and levels

are welcomed

All students are screened and we guarantee the safety and discretion of each student.

All community club events are held on ClassIn (as per our normal lessons).

Have the chance to meet our teachers, connect with students and learn together!

Free for everyone, always

Sign up for the next community club!

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