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Creative Kangaroos and Almasar

Creative Kangaroos and Almasar have forged a dynamic partnership, merging their expertise and resources to unleash innovative solutions in the creative realm.

With a shared vision for excellence between Creative Kangaroos and Almasar. This collaboration harnesses the unique strengths of both entities to deliver unparalleled creative services and experiences. Together, they strive to push boundaries, inspire creativity and elevate English learning to new heights.


Creative kangaroos test

Test your English level

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The bus ____ until after 5:00.

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Marie _____ from Japan.

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When Charles speaks French, I can’t understand ____.

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___ your friend eat meat?

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My sister ____ Pizza

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I ____ a French class.

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The rent is too high for ____.

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Shows how many there are

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shows an action or a state of being

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____ is the best friend I’ve ever had.

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The coach called Sarah and ____ last night.

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Michelle sent ____ an email about the test.

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My friend has two sons.
____ boys want bicycles for Christmas.

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can be a person, place, or thing

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Joins two sentences or words

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We ____  students.

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Describes a person, place, or thing

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They are getting _____ new puppy from the pet shop.

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John and ____ are going to the game tomorrow.

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Look at ____ moon! It is full tonight.

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Mark is buying ____ books for his children.

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describes a verb, an adjective, or an adverb

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Do you want ____ ice cream cone from the store?

Your score is


 Absolutely not! It is very normal for students to be very nervous and shy for their first lessons, in fact most if not all students are. A promise at Creative Kangaroos is that within the first few lessons you will see your child come out of themselves, it is not an overnight transformation but our teachers and program is designed to build confidence and comfortability for children! 

 This is a very normal concern from parents! Creative Kangaroos online English program is designed for absolute child beginners. Most students at with us start with not knowing a single word. Students do not need to understand, if they did… they would need lessons! We teach with patience, a lot of pictures and kindness. After their first lesson they will have learnt words and they will continue each lesson!

This depends on your child. We recommended you sit with your child for the first few lessons. Each child is different and some learn better when their parents are not around, some students feel embarrassed to speak in front of their parents and some parents feed their students the answers. We want our children to learn so after a few lessons recommendations will be given! But for young learners parents should always stay close by!

 A very normal concern however have no worries! Our program and each lesson is packed with material so your child can never be bored! Our students are always focused, concentrated and learning. If there are problems parents are always informed and material and courseware is always changed and focused to make sure students are having fun because that is our main focus, learning through enjoyment!