Life as an online English teacher for kids

Technology opened up an entire world of new jobs and opportunities for people in ways people never could have thought of. Then with the covid pandemic online learning made an explosive appearance however the world of online learning for me began way before all this, exactly 8 years ago. Through this article I will take you through what it’s like to be online teacher for kids! 

Living remotely, working remotely 

It all began when I moved to a remote island in the Mediterranean. I didn’t speak Italian and work was limited for myself. I was however an English teacher and after a quick search I saw how many opportunities there were for online teaching. I gave it a try and immediately saw the beneficial factors that came with it. 

Connecting with young, happy children around the world!  

What an incredible experience it is for humanity when we simply think about it. For a teacher to be sitting in their living room in a remote Italian island and be connecting with a student hundred thousand kilometres away in their living room in a whole other country. It was something that initially and still do find extraordinary, the ability to connect with students who may never get a chance to speak and learn with a native speaking teacher! 


Teaching English online gives you freedom. The freedom to work where you want, to work from home, to travel, to be free and unlimited to one specific location. This freedom is priceless and after tasting the freedom it could be hard to ever go back to a normal based job again! Also, not to mention the money saved for transport!

Sharing happiness 

Teaching English online means that you are proving an important service to students and their families. Children that learn English online are doing these lessons after school in their own time, they are willing to learn and so happy to be doing so! The lessons flow with ease as kids are usually always so focused therefore, the lessons are filled with laughs and productivity. It is truly an honouring experience to be able to put a smile of child’s face whilst helping them learn! 


8 years ago I began teaching English online and helping children and students, slowly through the years of working for many different companies I learned what works, what had to be done better and found my own way to make students benefit from learning English online, with that was born Creative Kangaroos and the online English program for young English learners worldwide!

Would you like to be a part of the online teaching world? If you are interested in becoming an online English teacher send an email to Create your dreams today!