Online teaching English for kids with creative interactive methods

Why Creative Kangaroos?

It's a place where children are encouraged to speak and to ask as many questions as they can!

Personalised Lessons

Each lesson is carefully designed around each students likes, passions, hobbies and even dislikes!

All Online

Every lesson is performed online through an interactive platform called ClassIn.

You Decide

Every child is different and how your child learns will be as well. There are a variety of different lesson types.

Lessons Types

English Through Drama

Drama/English lessons personalised and performed through dramatic scenarios and scenes, monologues and skits, tongue twisters and poems and songs and dance.

Interactive Reading

Books are an endless array of our mind’s imagination, different worlds, characters, emotions, voices, words! Interactive reading creates a bridge for students to explore beyond their own creativity.


Everybody has their own way to tell and create stories. Story writing especially for kids is a thrilling and very engaging activity that has been shown to push students speed in learning.


Focuses on each kids English needs by providing each grammar lesson personalised to their own needs. Students also have the ability to decide to learn grammar based on the different interests that they have


Learning how to pronounce and articulate each letter and phonetic sound growing a deep and diverse understanding for the English language ensuring they have the fundamental tools to read, speak and play with their words!


My dedication to the creative happiness of all children. Learning through happiness is the only way to realize bring about long lasting results and encourage a life of learning with endless love.
Founder of Creative Kangaroos

Keep an open mind

Empowering Independent Thinkers

Creative Kangaroos learn English but also develop and grow a toolbox of important skills that propel them in other areas of life. Learning how to express themselves with ease, how to speak with confidence, clarity and meaning! To positively believe in what they think, what they say and what they do! Discovering fundamental tools that empower them to think critically and kindly. Allowing them to develop into independent and happy Creative Kangaroos!






Create. Learn. Jump into English

Interactive English Lessons

Creative Kangaroos evolved from the tedious effort of trying to engage bored and unhappy children. Learning is crucial for all humans to be better humans, it is fundamental in development and growth so why do we have bored, disengaged students? When we are engaged, focused and in the flow, all that we are doing in the moment is easier, enjoyable and lasting. Learning should be an experience that’ s anticipated with eagerness! This is what Creative Kangaroos is about!

Pricing & Duration

Our interactive teaching method engages you in the learning process so that you learn communication skills and develop confidence quickly. All lessons | ONLINE through ClassIn 

All you need is a tablet or laptop!

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