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Lessons Types

Creative Kangaroos aims to make English is fun through different types of lessons that make the student laughs! 

English Through Drama

Drama/English lessons personalised and performed through dramatic scenarios and scenes, monologues and skits, tongue twisters and poems and songs and dance. These fun packed guided lessons push students to use their imagination. All while learning English through creativity, expression and dramatic arts.

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Interactive Reading

Books are an endless array of our mind’s imagination, different worlds, characters, emotions, voices, words! Interactive reading creates a bridge for students to explore beyond their own creativity. These lessons open students minds to limitless possibilities. Learning through books will grow and expand vocabulary and promote effortless pronunciation with clarity and flow.


Everybody has their own way to tell and create stories. Story writing especially for kids is a thrilling and very engaging activity that has been shown to push students speed in learning. Students put all their skills and knowledge to use by using their creative and unique minds to write their own stories!

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Creative Kangaroos grammar lessons focuses on each kids English needs by providing each grammar lesson personalised to their own needs. Students also have the ability to decide to learn grammar based on the different interests that they have.


Phonic lessons guide all students on the correct pathway. Learning the basics ensures English learners have what is needed for their English journey. Learning how to pronounce and articulate each letter and phonetic sound growing a deep and diverse understanding for the English language ensuring they have the fundamental tools to read, speak and play with their words!

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